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2012 USAPL

 Battle on the Border:

March 24, 2012


Upper Palmetto YMCA
857 Promenade Walk
Fort Mill, SC 29708


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IPF/USAPL Rulebook





The 2011 USAPL Battle on the Border V was SPECTACULAR!!!  With 97 registered lifters from the States of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, and Texas, we were once again privileged to see some of the best powerlifting in the country.   North Carolina came down south in force to reclaim the Battle on the Border plaque and thus win 4 out of the last 5 contests.   We had several National records and countless State records fall by the wayside.  This year saw some of the strongest lifting we have ever seen.  The Top 10 list will prove this to be true.  The following were our Best Lifters:


Best Equipped Powerlifter:  Mike McCoy

Best RAW Powerlifter:  Kenneth McFadden

Best Equipped Bencher:  Ryan Facteau

Best RAW Bencher:  Johnny Milhouse

Best Woman Lifter:  Laurie Middleswarth

Best Teen Lifter:  Christopher Clark

Best Master Lifter:  Michael Brady


Congratulations to all of our lifters who competed this past weekend!  The final results and now shattered Top 10 Lists are now posted.


I would like to thank all of the people who made this event possible:  Tom Simon with West Cary Barbell was very generous in their sponsorship of the meet.  Tom provided much of the equipment that was awarded to our Best Lifters and brought a combo rack that we utilized in our warm-up room.  Anderson Powerlifting, Garage Ink and Quest Nutrition were also instrumental in providing gear and certificates to our best lifters.  The Upstate Palmetto YMCA is a fantastic venue to hold a competition.  Chris, Lisa and Rochelle were beyond courteous and helpful from the time we set up our equipment until we loaded our vehicles to go home.  Once again, our spotters and loaders were fantastic!  These guys take a day off from their lives to push themselves as hard as they can for the sport.  Thank you so much for giving back.  They were efficient and safety was never in question - we got through 97 lifters on two platforms in only 6 hours.  Unbelievable!   The USAPL in the States of North and South Carolina are building a group of judges that are second to none - the judging continues to be consistent, fair and spot on.  Finally, I would like to thank all of the lifters who came out to compete at our meet.  With your support, this meet will continue to prosper.   Look for the USAPL Battle on the Border to return to Fort Mill, SC next March.


Photos from the meet are up and ready to view.  If anyone has additional pictures that you would like to submit, please send me an email and I will get them up on the site.



The final roster is complete.  There will be no lifters taken at the door, so look at your competition long and hard because there will be no surprises.  We have 97 lifters in this year's Battle on the Border and some of the names are legendary and there are others that have the potential to become legends. 


Be sure to have your singlet and equipment ready to go and bring your "A" game.  If you are in town or nearby this evening, please try to come by and get your gear checked.  It will save you and us some time in the morning when we are trying to finalize everything.


GET PLENTY OF SLEEP and we will see you at the Battle.





We are into our final week before the Battle on the Border this Saturday.  The roster is currently up to 93 registered lifters and we will NOT be taking any lifters at the door - NO exceptions.  We plan to have every score card filled out and every lifter in the computer and ready to go prior to Saturday's monster of a meet.  Again, time saving is a must at a meet of this size.  PLEASE be sure to give me a call at 864-844-0083 if you want to compete at this year's event.  The entry form can be emailed and we can make arrangements for taking care of the entry fee in several different ways. There are only 7 spots left, so don't feel as though you have run out of time.  Not yet anyways...





The roster is up and ready to view!  As compared to previous years at this time, we are just behind last year's total, but still ahead of the Battle held 2 years ago that yielded 106 lifters.  Currently, there are 46 lifters registered and counting.  There is still time to get into the meet, but check the website often as the remaining spots fill up.  I will be updating the roster daily as new entry forms are received.




Site updated: 4/21/2011

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